Below is our current seating arrangement: *

  • 10 x Tables for Two
  • 2 x Tables for Three
  • 2 x Tables for Four
  • 1 x Couch for Four
  • 1 x Table for Five
  • 1 x Table for Six
  • 10 x Bar seats for One
  • 14 x Row seats for One
  • 2 x Lounge chairs for Two

Tickets may be purchased through Eventbrite by clicking on the link on our show calendar for the given show, and also may be available day of at the doors.

Doors open at 5pm for our 5:30pm and 6pm shows, 7:45pm for our 8pm shows, 8:45pm for our 9pm shows and 10:45pm for our 11pm shows. We recommend arriving early with your group to get your desired seats.

* Seating arraignment chart subject to change